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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.8
DJ Audio Editor is a multi-media solution that allows you not only to create and convert audio files into nearly all known formats, but also to edit and add effects and filters to them.
Besides, you can load any video file and extract its audio stream, edit it, and save it using the audio codec of your choice. It offers you a practical waveform editing window with easy-to-use and accurate features.

DJ Audio Editor may not be the most comprehensive professional audio editor in the market, but it certainly offers you more editing features than the average amateur (and many pro) audio editors. You can choose between a waveform and a spectral view, which you will find to be very useful to edit and to check the audio quality, respectively. Both come with highly accurate time selectors (down to the millisecond), though you can also use your mouse and the program’s powerful zoom in/out tool to delimitate the editing area in a more visual way.

The range of effects and filters offered by this tool is also one of the program’s main assets. You can add creative filters to your recordings or existing audio files, such as chorus, flanger, reverb, or vibrato; you can also normalize, reverse, and fade them in and out, or simply change their pitch. Moreover, DJ Audio Editor includes some audio filters to enhance and correct your audio files, such as a peak equalizer or a low/high/band pass filter. All the filters and effects are easy to apply thanks to the program’s slider-based controls.

Finally, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of media formats supported – DJ Audio Editor not only opens, saves, and converts nearly all known audio files (compressed or uncompressed, lossy or lossless, popular or not so well-known), but it can also extract the audio of a wide range of video files, including the most widely used HD video codecs (such as MKV, MTS, or M2TS).

Whatever the use you make of this tool (audio editing, conversion, extraction, etc.), you will find it a very easy to use application, with an excellent graphic representation of the audio file, highly precise selection tools, and – most important – extensive support for nearly all media files.


  • Wide support for nearly all known audio and video files.
  • Extracts the audio of your video files on the fly.
  • Good range of audio effects and filters.
  • Waveform and spectral views.
  • Accurate and precise fragment selection tools.


  • You may miss some audio cleaning options.
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